Setting Up

  1. If you would like any help or training in how to operate the technical aspects of the meeting, please call Cliff at 917-797-5785 or Ray at 631-827-8611.
  2. Claim Host and ask someone to serve as Co-Host.
  3. To receive the “key” for claiming the host, ask the prior chairperson or send a text to 917-797-5785 or 631-827-8611.
  4. Set up “Waiting Room” and ask your Co-Host to manage.
  5. Turn Off “Chimes for Entry and Exit”
  6. Click on “Mute on Entry”
  7. If the meeting is interrupted, remove the individuals from the group. If that is not possible, let everyone know you will be ending the meeting and ask them to log back on.
  8. Please do not exclude people in the waiting room because they are not familiar. You can send them a message in the waiting room and ask them for their cell number so you can to verify they are interested in attending a meeting and in the right place.
  9. It would be better to deal with a disruption than to accidentally exclude someone hoping to find a meeting.