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Business Meetings

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Business Meeting of the Cherry Grove Off-Island (CGOI)
Group of Alcoholic’s Anonymous (AA) . Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Meeting began at 6:59p.m.

In attendance: Todd (chair), Tony (secretary, myself), Margaret, Dolf H.O.W., Margarita, Kevin M., Clifford, Mitch, Micky, John G., Bob, Richie

Todd began by reviewing the previous minutes. Motion made to accept (Richie), and seconded by Bob/Cliff simultaneously.

The planned topic for discussion/review is the safety protocol for preventing/handling ZOOM bombers. The group formed to investigate this was made up of Cliff, Richie, and Emily B (not present this evening.)

Cliff began by mentioning the ‘dos and dont’s’ of security protocol at meetings – the list was posted on the screen for all to follow; Todd thanked all the people for their thoroughness and service in presenting a ‘comprehensive’ list. Light conversations/questions and comments ensued regarding Cliff’s presentation.

  • Richie added that we need a security cohost at each meeting.  At this point, Todd invited people to ask questions if they had any.
  • Bob- Would people be able to be unmuted when they first came in?
  • Margarita – Thanked people for their service; recommended sending a copy of the security protocol list to all chairs; Todd agreed.
  • Dolf – questioned the three-minute timer, to which Todd and Cliff responded. 

After congratulating the group for its efforts in putting together this list, Todd invited a vote to accept it. Richie tallied the vote: YES – 10, NO – 1.  The list was accepted.

Todd asked for new business: No added new business or motions, per se. Although, comments of various degrees were discussed. 

  • Cliff- About emailing the list to all involved.
  • John- questioned where he should insert ‘How it Works’ while chairing the Sunday meeting.
  • Cliff- offered to rewrite the scripts to suit each meeting. It was mentioned that, on some days, the script is the same; so, there would not be a need to necessarily do seven separate scripts.
  • Richie- commented on John’s remark and wanted clarification.
  • Mitch- had a question about the length of shares.
  • Margaret- mentioned that we lack consistency, to which Richie disagreed.
  • Dolf- asked if we had dropped the subject of counselors at meetings. Todd explained we’re an open meeting and all are welcome. A few comments followed, but the ‘take’ of this secretary is that people are okay with visitors outside the program attending this meeting as either counselors or students.

Todd welcomed a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Cliff. Seconded by Mitch/Margarita simultaneously.

Meeting ended at 7:37p.m. 

Todd announced our next Business Meeting would be held on Wednesday, June 19th, 2024. It will be for Elections. All service positions will be open. All are welcome. 

Respectfully submitted, 


Business Meeting of the Cherry Grove Off-Island (CGOI)
Group of Alcoholic’s Anonymous (AA) . Wednesday,
April 17, 2024
Meeting began at 6:58 P.M.

The meeting began at 6:58 p.m. with Todd leading the “we” version of the Serenity Prayer.
In attendance: Cliff, Dolf H.O.W., Margaret, Margarita, Richie, Bob, Todd (chair), Michael Connelly, Dan S., Emily B., and Tony B. (myself, secretary)
New Business: Updated Scripts. Todd discussed specifics w/Cliff, who relayed this discussion to the group. Updated scripts have not been uploaded by Ray as of yet; Todd will mention this to Ray so as to put the newly-revised scripts on group webpage. 
Todd reviewed a motion made by Margaret last meeting to be voted on this meeting. Todd asked Margaret to clarify. Simply – At the Tuesday nightstep meeting, IF there is a beginner present, the chair leads with Step ONE, no matter which step may have been scheduled, resuming the normal scheduled step the following week. 
Discussion included the following:
-Dan supports such an idea provided the group returns to the planned rotation.
-Richie agrees w/ Margaret, but wonders if we really need to change anything at this point.
-Cliff agrees with Richie; cited reasons that Step one might not necessarily be practical.
-Margarita thanked Margaret and Richie for bringing up logistics and recalled her own journey; ‘What matters most is welcoming the beginner’.
-Tony (myself) shared that he always includes a comment directed to the beginner when present, with or without the invitation of the chair to do so.
-Michael Connelly said perhaps to bring this up at the beginning of each meeting.
-Dolf was not in favor of dispensing with the planned topic or step.
-Todd suggested to perhaps change the script to include a brief Newcomers statement, if ever needed.
-Emily said to leave the script alone; as it is long enough.
After a little more discussion, Todd called for a vote on this motion made by Margaret to change the scheduled step to Step One when a beginner is present. There were 2 ayes, 6 nays and one abstension. Nays carried; motion denied.
The group discussed randomly Robert’s Rules of Order. In any event, the motion did not pass.
More new business:
Cliff talked about setting up a security protocol for meetings for co-host. (No motion, but comments)  Todd suggested, that we form a volunteer committee to review, discuss, and suggest recommendations. Todd asked for three volunteers. Three offered to meet seperately and make proposals/suggestions at next Business Meeting: Emily B, Richie and Cliff.
More new business:
Richie had a concern and questioned the timing of peoples’ shares to three minutes. He feels that some of the people go way over three minutes. After casual discussion, the group decided to keep the format the same. No change was made, although the group is aware of Richie’s concern.
Chair requested a Motion to Adjourn. Was made by Cliff; seconded by Margarita.
Meeting ended at 7:44p.m.
Our Next Business Meeting will be held May 15, 2024.
Respectfully submitted,
Tony B. 


Business Meeting of the Cherry Grove Off-Island (CGOI)
Group of Alcoholic’s Anonymous (AA) . 
March 20, 2024
Meeting began at 7:01 p.m.

In attendance: Todd (chair), Tony (secretary, myself), Margaret, Mitch, Gwen B, Dolf H.O.W., Donna M., Edward V., Emily O. (left early), Richie, Kir, Ray B. (joined late)

Top agenda item this evening – elections for meeting chairs. Commitment for April thru June. Todd provided a quick overview of format for each of the evenings.

(Note: There have been several staffing changes since this Business meeting. Names listed below reflect our most up-to-date Chair names, as of April 9, 2024). 

Sunday – Taylor B
Monday – Jeannie F
Tuesday – Matt B.
Wednesday – Bob S
Thursday – Emily B.
Friday – Emily O.
Saturday – Anna C

Todd thanked Secretary Tony, Cliff, and Ray for their service in noting, disseminating and posting the Minutes. 

Chair invited a motion to dispense with the reading of The Minutes which had included discussions only, but no new motions had been made. Richie made the motion to dispense, Edward V. seconded it.

Richie announced that the fourth Anniversary of our AA Group is coming up on March 22, 2024.

Margaret made a Motion to be voted upon at our April Business Meeting. Margaret related that she had attended the Step Meeting recently when someone identified that they were attending their very first AA Meeting. Meeting then continued with the pre-scheduled discussion of Step Eight.

Margaret made the following motion, that was seconded by Edward:

“I make a motion that during our Step/Tradition Meeting (Tuesdays), if a participant identifies themselves as attending their first AA Meeting, that the topic for that meeting will become Step One.”

(Note: Margaret’s motion will now be at the top of our Agenda at our April Meeting for Discussion and a Vote) 

Richie suggested that people review the procedures and formats for running meetings. Todd said he will include reminders in his next mailing to the group

Mitchell commented on the smoothness in which these meetings are run in comparison to some other meetings.

Dolf suggested that perhaps our group should plan something special for our Group Anniversary dates in the future. 

Chair entertained a Motion to Adjourn. A motion was made by Richie.
Seconded by Edward V.

Meeting ended at 7:21p.m.
Our Next Business Meeting will be held on April 17th. 


Respectfully submitted, 


Posted on 4/12/2024

Business Meeting of the Cherry Grove Off-Island (CGOI)
Group of Alcoholic’s Anonymous (AA) . 
Wednesday February 21, 2024 on Zoom.

Meeting began at 6:59p.m.

In attendance:

Donna M., Ray B., Edward V., Margarita, Dolf H.O.W., Margaret, Michael C.,

Cliff-Philadelphia, Richie V., Todd (chair), Taylor, Bob Smith, Greg B., Emily B., Tony (myself, secretary)

Todd began reading the previous minutes (Motion to accept; seconded) which he announced had been posted on the group website, with expressed appreciation to Ray.


Cliff made a correction in the previous minutes. Also explained that New York Intergroup does not list meetings on its website that are exclusively online meetings. Donna raised the question as to why, since the off-island group is affiliated (she presumed) with the in-person Fire Island group. Cliff explained the two A.A. groups are separate.

Old Business:

Todd continued with old business. Requested clarification from either Cliff or Ray: Are all meetings open/closed? To which Cliff replied, ‘All are open’.

New Business:

Admittedly, the opening remark of new business morphed into many different topics. For these minutes, I relay the remarks as they occurred to the best of my ability.

BOB – referred to open meetings and nursing students, which makes him uncomfortable. Suggested the possibility of a closed meeting

RICHIE – talked about the ZOOM bombing at the earlier meeting. CLIFF – commented on disabling the ‘chat’, which Richie did.

MARGARITA – commented on Bob’s remark and asked why to consider the reasons for a closed meeting.

Ad lib from several people…..reasons of confidentiality.

RICHIE – brought up the dilemma of what meetings would be selected as open/closed.

MICHAEL C – He has no problem having some meetings closed

TODD – reminded people that Bob’s statement had not been addressed.

DONNA – brought up the point that closed meetings won’t eliminate the bombers at meetings.

EDWARD V – brought up the topic of ‘camera being off’. He stressed a few times, however, ‘Our primary purpose is to stay sober’.

CLIFF – commented that the meeting had morphed into five different topics, and, that we are all still learning because of ZOOM.

MARGARET – asked two questions: ‘ Why are we getting more people?’ we must be doing something right, ‘What’s really broken?’

DOLF – ‘This thing has gone into all different tangents.’ He suggested that it would be nice to know ahead of time if there are any students.

RAY – complimented Todd at his manner of running meetings.

TODD – finished the topic with an invitation for anyone who may feel strongly about this topic after our discussion tonight to make a motion.

CLIFF – reminded Todd and the group that motions AND change do not happen at the same meeting. First, the motion, then vote at the next meeting.

RICHIE – made a suggestion to discuss ‘this’ further.

DOLF – made motion to change script to invite medical students to introduce themselves. Nobody seconded.

RICHIE – directed to Cliff that, as chair, he will deal directly with the bombers as he sees fit.

TODD asked for a motion to adjourn

CLIFF – reminded the group that minutes should be emailed to those on the list.

TODD went back to topic of adjournment.

Edward V moved to adjourn; Bob seconded.

Meeting closed at 7:46p.m.



Business Meeting of the Cherry Grove Off-Island (CGOI)
Group of Alcoholic’s Anonymous (AA) . 
Wednesday January 17 2024 on Zoom. 

In attendance: Todd S. (chair), Tony (secretary), Emily O., Edward V., Margarita, Margaret, Cliff-Philadelphia, Michael C., Donna M., Gail, Greg B., Bob S.,

Mitch, Emily B., Ray. 

Todd called meeting to order at 7:01pm.

We opened with the Serenity Prayer.

Officer’s reports:

Group Chair Report: Todd S described his new role as Group Chair and spoke about the following talking points: 

~ Group Conscience is never to be feared 

~ Robert’s Rules have traditionally been useful as a guideline for keeping things moving, on track, and well organized for AA Business Meetings.

~ In the role of Group Chair, Todd says he will not have a vote, will not make motions himself, nor voice his opinion on any particular matter. He sees his role as facilitating others to put forward clear motions, and to facilitate that these are properly discussed and fairly voted upon to achieve Group Conscience.

~ Todd also intends to revive a previous procedure in CGOI that Minutes from each Business Meeting will be posted on the website for reference and easy access by others. Secretary (Tony B.) agreed to email Minutes to Chair who will review/edit and then forward to Ray B. for publishing on the CGOI website. 

~ Todd sees his overall role as Chair: “Keep it simple”.

Old Business: All positions of Meeting Chairs had been successfully filled at December Business Meeting for Jan to March 2024. Meeting Chairpeople  are: Sunday: Ray B.; Monday: Greg B; Tuesday: Edward V.; Wednesday: Richie V.; Thursday: Emily B.; Friday: Emily O.; Saturday: Margarita. 

Our group’s sobriety requirements for all of our CGOI meeting chairs is a minimum of 90 days of continuous sobriety for each Sunday through Friday Meeting slots. Our chair for the Beginner’s Meeting (Saturdays) has a sobriety requirement of at least one year of continuous sobriety. 

Ongoing discussion: Introduced by Clifford for making announcements in the week prior to the next round of elections for new Meeting Chairs (elections to be held on March 20, 2024) so that outreach is made to reach attendees who may only be regularly attending a specific night of the week. (Clarification: No formal motion was made at this time, so this is still merely an ongoing conversation at this point). 

New Business: Chair observed that all of our seven weekly meetings seem to be up and running smoothly at the start of this new year 2024. 

Chair asked if anyone in attendance had any issues that they felt needed attention as New Business. 

Seeing and hearing none, Chair adjourned the Meeting at 7:12pm

Our next Business Meeting will be held on February 21, 2024 on Zoom. All are welcome. Meeting Chairpersons are encouraged to attend. 

Next Business Meeting –  Dec 21 7pm / Immediately following our regular meeting
AGENDA for Dec 21
Review of Notes from last meeting  (Below)-  Thanks Greg and Mitch
Old Business for review –  Cross Talk and Tiered Sharing at Beginners Meeting
New Business 
Chairperson for ALL Meetings – 3 month commitment beginning January 1 2023 – 90 days of sobriety suggested  for all except Beginners it is suggested 1 year
We like to suggest all chairperson find helpers for hosting and co-hosting  / zoom etc especially when a meeting that requires shared screens for readings
Monday / Daily Reflection  – Screen Sharing
Tuesday / Step / Tradition – Screen Sharing
Wednesday / Topic
Thursday / Big Book – Screen Sharing
Friday / Speaker
Saturday / Beginners
Sunday / Topic Discussion / Anniversary last Sunday of the month
Group Chairperson – Suggested one year of sobriety and familiar with traditions / 6 month commitment
Group Secretary – Suggested 90 days of sobriety and 6 month commitment
Other New Business from the floor if necessary

Business Meeting of November 16th 
Cliff opened the meeting at 7:00 pm  
Motion to accept old meeting notes of previous business meeting. Motion was approved,
Cliff talked about cross talk in the meeting and discussed adding something to the script about that.  As described below – As group policy we put off until next business to make any decision
  • What Is CrossTalk in A.A.? Cross talking in A.A. is when a person gives advice to others who have already shared their stories. The individual speaks to them directly, instead of speaking to the group as a whole. Cross talk can also include interrupting the person who is speaking or asking them a question unexpectedly.
Ken suggested that one can identify with something someone said was no cross talk
Giving someone advice during a meeting was certainly cross talk.
Margaret brought up that, especially at Beginners meeting, there should be tiered sharing, so newcomers get to share early on – for example 1-30 / 30-60 / 60-90 / under 6 months / under a year then open sharing – as is our group policy we will bring up at next business meeting before decisions are made.
7:35 Greg made a motion to close the meeting, I, seconded that motion 
We closed at 7:35 with the serenity prayer.

Business Meeting of CGOIGAA  16 November :
 Cliff opened the meeting at 7:00 pm and reminded us all about the open meeting. 
7:03  motion to accept old meeting notes of previous business meeting. Motion was approved,
Cliff talked about cross talk in the meeting and discussed adding something to the script about that.
suggested that we shelve that until the next business meeting.
Ken suggested that one can identify with something someone said was no cross talk
Matt felt that naming someone in response to a share was against anonymity
Giving someone advice during a meeting was certainly cross talk.
Agreed to table the discussion until next month.
Margaret brought up that, especially at newcomers meeting, and when there are newcomers, there should be tiered sharing, so newcomers get to share early on
was suggested that we table that discussion until next month. 
7:35 Greg made a motion to close the meeting, I, seconded that motion 
We closed at 7:35 with serenity prayer.

Fellow Off Islanders

November Business Meeting to be held Nov 16th immediately following our 6pm meeting.
As of today there is no OLD Business to review and no NEW Business for discussion.  
If you have anything that you would like reviewed or discussed please let me know.  
October minutes below
October 19, 2022
Business Meeting Began at: 7:00 PM
Opened by Cliff Q.
Approval of Minutes Motion: Jeanne; Second Mitch
Old Business
New Business
  1. Zoom room is open 24/7 as part of the group resources for one on one meetings or to start meetings
  2. Contact List is working well
Motion to Close: Matt Second: All
Meeting closed at 7:03 with the Serenity Prayer.

September 21, 2022

Business Meeting Opened at 7:02 PM

  1. Minutes – Accepted an Approved: Greg B Motion, Mitch 2nd
Old Business
  1. New Commitments: 90 days of continuous sobriety or more; chairperson of group have one year or more of sobriety. Cliff outlined the responsibilities of the position.
  2. Group Meeting Leaders: October, November, December
    1. Monday, Reflections Meeting: Jeanne
    2. Tuesday, Step Meeting: Holly
    3. Wednesday, Topic: Cathy A.
    4. Thursday, Big Book: Connie
    5. Friday, Speaker: Ray (TJ – Update)
    6. Saturday, Beginners: Emily?
    7. Sunday, Discussion/Topic: Mitch
  3. If anyone wishes to help or suggest speakers, leaders, please reach out to any of the chairpersons.
  4. New meeting list:
  5. Meeting adjourned at 7:17 PM Motion  Mitch Approved Holly
August 17, 2022
Meeting open end at 6:53
Review of Minutes
Question to clarify the meaning of “double-dipping”. Motion to Approve: Jeanne; Second Mitch; Approved with one
Agenda Items:
Review of Prior Month Discussions:
A. Distractions:
Do we want to have a statement to ask folks to refrain from distracting activities during meetings. Cliff read a suggestion by Ray provided last month. Question: what is disruptive? What do we need by such a statement. The idea is that whatever we might not do at an in-person meeting should not be behavior in a regular meeting – such as smoking, eating, dress, other activities. Support for Cliff’s statement from the Florida meeting. Any comments should be generalized; this is a “casual” meeting; too many rules can complicate it; try to keep it simple. Suggestion to handle smoking separately since there are only one or two people who have smoked at meetings, so as not to single anyone out. Question: would the chairperson stop the video? Or, would the person themselves shut their video off. Concerns about shutting off the video could cause someone to feel unwelcome, become resentful, perhaps “go out”. Discussion followed that said that was not the intention and good to clarify. 
1. Motion: Read the following: “We suggest that if you’re eating smoking or engaged in any activity that might be a distraction to others, please turn your camera off.” Marguerita Second. 
B. Old Business:
Other readings for meetings, either to begin or close:
Leave it alone; our readings are too long. Suggestion to read “The Promises” at the end of the Beginner’s Meeting. Would this replace The Serenity Prayer? Some groups also read “How It Works”. 
1. Motion: Ray: “To end the beginner’s meeting with “The Promises” before closing with “The Serenity Prayer”. Marguerita Seconded.  In Favor: 5; Opposed 1; Abstained 2. Motion Passes.
Asking chairpersons to attend the Business Meetings as part of their term:
It’s a good idea to ask chairpersons to attend the business meetings, beginning with the next round of leaders. As a suggestion. Group Chairperson will remind folks of this suggestion when new terms are begun.
C. New Business
Link to Contact List instead of sending out updated lists. Add link to the minutes.
Approved without objection.
Ask the Cherry Grove Group to let people know that we exist for the off-season.
It was brought to the group, but the group preferred not making that part of the Cherry Grove group announcement. However, if someone in the group wants to announce it that would be fine. The discussion did go to the steering committee of The Cherry Grove Group and they chose not to make it part of their script. 
D. Motion to Greg CLiff; Seconded Cliff, Meeting adjourned at 7:36


Good Morning fellow Off Islanders
Our monthly business meeting is this evening immediately following our regular meeting 
  1. Notes from last month below for review
  2. Meeting held – June 15th
  3. Opened by Jeanne F
  4. New Chairs volunteered  as below – Amended after meeting
    1. New chairs / commitments
    2. Group Chairperson – Cliff – 6 month
    3. Secretary – Ray – 6 months
  5. All meetings are 3 Month Terms
  • Monday Reflections Greg B
  • Tuesday Step Connie
  • Wednesday Topic Matt
  • Thursday BB Margarita
  • Friday Speaker – July Mitch – August Emily – September OPEN
  • Saturday Beginners – Ray July – Cliff August – September OPEN
  • Sunday Topic / Discussion Holly
  • Discussion had regarding what happens when no one raises hand
  • A few minutes of silence is OK 
  • Ending meeting early is OK . – it was suggested no calling on folks unsolicited or conversations take place that belong in fellowship – Up to each chair to do their best to maintain meeting  as close as possible to in person meetings
Meeting adjourned
Agenda for July 20 Business Meeting
  1. Review and approve minutes from last month
  2. Try to get chairs for September meetings that are open
  3. Reminder as we discuss possible changes we review this month and revisit next month before making any changes
  4. Discuss on screen appearance during meeting – Smoking / Eating / Busy activity
  5. Discuss adding / reading the promises at the end of each meeting which will help when no one raises hand close to end
  6. If anyone has other items to be addressed please email me or bring up this evening

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